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Editorial cartoon: Global warming skeptics

When science becomes dogmatic, we're all in trouble.

Leaked emails from the side that says "we're killing the earth and we must stop now. . ." that offer to 'encourage' skeptics to come over to their side through blackballing and keeping their papers out of journals and such have sparked an interesting debate: When scientists abandon rigor for dogma and "do as we say or else," science becomes just another religion. That's a bad way to go.

Most of us don't claim to have a deep understanding of science but tend to accept reputable scientists because they use substantive data, rigorous methods and aim for reproducibility. Their theories and conclusions are reviewed by their peers and good science tends to rise above the bad. Science should be democratic.

If, however, we learn that some scientists believe that their conclusions are so important that they should not be reviewed freely, then they marginalize their influence and damage the credibility of themselves and their peers.

It doesn't really matter if global warming is real or imaginary; a man-made disaster or natural cycle. What matters is that those who perform experiments, create and test hypotheses, and reach reasoned conclusions do so in the full light of day --Without manipulation or ulterior motives. 

Shame on them.


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