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Dec 12

Editorial Cartoon: Don’t Count Your Chickens. . .

Illinois has 180 days to enact some sort of concealed carry legislation. Given the fact that Illinois has long preferred to protect criminals from law-abiding citizens, there’s no imaginable way that Springfield (read Chicago) will do anything but enact the strictest, most cumbersome law imaginable.

I just hope this cartoon doesn’t give them any ideas.

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May 11

Editorial cartoon: An unarmed Bin Laden?

Osama Bin Laden killed was armed with words and followers who would do his bidding even if it meant certain death. Imagine what he could do with the wink of any eye or a single word. Kudos to good decision making by the Commander in Chief.

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Feb 11

Editorial cartoon: Of petitions and petticoats.

Someone in Machesney Park starts a petition to get the JC Penney Outlet store to stay in the mall. Seems that no business would pull up stakes when they are making money. This news throws a serious wrench in the Mall redux, but as long as the government spends its sparse coin on wooing businesses without guarantee of customers, we will see this over and over. To put in another way, unless you want to subsidize the business — let them go where the customers are.

“Build it and they will come” only works in the movies.

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Sep 10

Editorial cartoon: Lottery Lease

Illinois is the first state to outsource its lottery operations. What are the odds?

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Jul 10

Editorial cartoon: Downtown revitalization

Q: How many downtown revitalization plans does it take to be successful?

A: One. Of course you’ll need to subsidize all the businesses in the area until people actually realize that downtown is a good place to be.

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Mar 10

Editorial cartoon: Quinn’s budget cookies

A moment on the lips, three generations on the hips.

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Dec 09

Editorial cartoon: Reducing our carbon footprint

Would you believe that there are leading climate advocates (some of whom speak for the United Nations) who say that the best way to stop climate change is to simply reduce the population – quickly.


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Dec 09

Editorial cartoon: A deal you can’t refuse

She used to be Superintendent, now refer to her as "Don".

Change is hard and it’s still too early to decide if Superintendent Sheffield is going to benefit district 205, but you’ve gotta give her props for walking the walk. Anyone, and I mean anyone who is willing to quote Mario Puzo’s The Godfather in an email designed to get people to shut up and fly right is OK in my book. Perhaps it’s time to stop cow towing to fear, fear of change and fear of outsiders and grow a pair. But I have to wonder what’s next: "Say hello to my little friend?"

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Oct 09

Editorial cartoon: Machesney park liquor

Doesn’t everybody already sell liquor?




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Sep 09

Editorial cartoon: Library closure

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