Jun 12

Editorial Cartoon: All Things Progressive

There’s rustling in the political jungle that a progressive income tax is on the horizon. It’s a good way to make sure that those bastard rich people pay their fair share. The main problem with these taxes is that they typically “forget” to index these things to inflation and in a few short year, viola—your taxes go up automatically and you scratch your head at how you “don’t feel rich.”

At least you’re still free to leave the state, assuming you can find a new job, can sell off your house and leave behind whatever life you’ve cultivated.

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Jun 12

Editorial Cartoon: Sodanomics 101

Thank God someone is addressing the issue of obesity by limiting options for both sellers and buyers in a free-ish market. Freedom to use your money and time in a way you choose is way too much responsibility and I hope this is just a baby step toward relieving me of all choice–there’s something really appealing about never needing to make a choice or expose myself to risk of any kind.

Oops, I though it was opposite day.

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Feb 12

Editorial Cartoon: The government we deserve.

If we get the government we deserve then what, oh what, did we do to deserve this?

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Politics has always been contentious, elections doubly so—that’s the point. What we see in this cycle, however,  is just silly. These guys have already made the opposition’s campaign commercials for them. Take the current name off the spot and slap on a big “O” and nobody’s the wiser. I swear, in another time, somebody in Obama’s employ would have to sit and think long and hard to get “vulture capitalist,” and these guys are givin’ it away for free.

May 11

Editorial cartoon: An unarmed Bin Laden?

Osama Bin Laden killed was armed with words and followers who would do his bidding even if it meant certain death. Imagine what he could do with the wink of any eye or a single word. Kudos to good decision making by the Commander in Chief.

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Feb 11

Editorial cartoon: Of petitions and petticoats.

Someone in Machesney Park starts a petition to get the JC Penney Outlet store to stay in the mall. Seems that no business would pull up stakes when they are making money. This news throws a serious wrench in the Mall redux, but as long as the government spends its sparse coin on wooing businesses without guarantee of customers, we will see this over and over. To put in another way, unless you want to subsidize the business — let them go where the customers are.

“Build it and they will come” only works in the movies.

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Jan 11

Editorial cartoon: Do we really need teachers in the modern age?

When 40% of an entire high school fails one or more classes in a given semester, and there is a never-ending lack of funds, perhaps we should re-evaluate the public education process: Make school optional and menial labor mandatory. Imaging that you could either go to school and succeed for eight hours a day, or go to a job stuffing envelopes or shoveling excrement at Lockwood Park. When they turn eighteen, those who wanted to learn will be more educated and those who didn’t will have some type of skill. All without burdening the system.

In the meantime, lets cut the budget until we have nothing more than a babysitting program where everyone loses.

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Sep 10

Editorial cartoon: Embry-riddle and the curse of the NIMBY’s

I’d like to hope that there are other places in the United States where people stand up and say that being a better community is a bad thing. Otherwise, have all the other communities colluded to secretly send all the NIMBY’s to Rockford? If so, that would explain a lot. Of course, it looks like we are collectively willing to part the Red Sea to bring a Portillo’s to Rockford.

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Sep 10

Editorial cartoon: Lottery Lease

Illinois is the first state to outsource its lottery operations. What are the odds?

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Sep 10

Editorial cartoon: Distracted driving.

There’s an old-school diversion out there that still puts people at risk — maybe we could pass a law for this problem as well.

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Aug 10

Editorial cartoon: America loves illegal labor (but don’t tell anyone)

If there was a 12 step group for addiction to cheap disposable labor, we’d be a charter member. The first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem: “Hello, I’m the US of A and I’m an addict.

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