Editorial Cartoon: Booze Ban on the Kishwaukee River

You can’t go a weekend during the summer without witnessing a modern wagon-train of inner tubes and various flotation devices floating lazily down the beautiful Kishwaukee river–a wagon train fueled by beer and abandon. Apparently, good-natured fun is bad for us and our overlords have stepped in to protect us from all the negative side-effects of pleasure.

I suppose this isn’t the worst thing in the world if they said that alcohol in the parks was a bad influence and so on, but booze is only outlawed at the put-in and take-out access points in the parks. Here are two things I’ve learned about human beings: Never underestimate the lengths people will go to for a good time, and you can always rely on Illinois government (at any level) to provide unending fodder for easy material.

By the way, I’m not actually advocating putting a friend in a catapult. There’s got to be a better alternative to buddy-chunkin’.

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