January, 2009

Jan 09

The emperor has no clothes and an albatross around the neck.



This a cartoon that never quite got finished. Our exteemed (one who has been formerly esteemed, but now lies languishing in controversy) Governor Rod Blago went ahead and named Roland Burris as the new Senator from Illinois.

I really feel bad the Mr. Burris. The man has had a long and generally positive career in Illinois politics and is now inexorably connected to all of the corruption and shady dealings of the Governor who appointed him.

Even if there is no legal way to prevent the appointment, and even if Mr. Burris is the most ethical individual ever to grace the political stage in Illinois (a rather low standard), he will now be "that guy", "I wonder how much he paid to get the seat guy", "Blago’s guy", "oh, so that’s how they do it in Illinois guy", or perhaps worst of all "he would have been a good senator – if only he was taken seriously guy".

Really, I wondor what he ever did to deserve this kind of treatment.  



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