December, 2007

Dec 07

Kill the monster?

Never underestimate the power of negative thinking.






 After reading the charges against the "embattled" police chief, I can’t help but feel that the poor guy pissed somebody off and now he’s toast.

 One of the best attributes about America today and, I believe, one of our defining characteristics is our willingness to come together to bitch and moan. Out politicians sit around throwing muck at each other and generally avoid issues of substance. We build alliances to decry every little inconvenience as though it were the end of the world. 

 It looks like Chet stood up and played cop. He said what he thought and had a philosophy. He didn’t set out to make you feel good for the sake of sensitivity. I don’y know about you, but the last thing I want in a cop is the need to be overly sensitive. I want more Dirty Harry, and less Mr. Rogers.

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