Of course it’s racism.

I was born and raised in Rockford. I went to Rockford public schools. Neither my parents nor my experiences as a child lead me to see people of color as anything other than people. As a child in the seventies, racism and civil rights were enemies vanquished and victories won long before I took my first breath. 

Then I grew up.

Racism is real and not everybody likes everybody else. Some people are shallow, petty, self-serving and  determined to be oppressed and lash out at their oppressors.

In this case, I do not know if elements of racism are present. Maybe yes, maybe no. This could be a case of revenge for a super who bailed out — can’t get back at Thompson, but we can attack his policies and allies.
Funny thing is, the people who chant "no Jackson: no peace" don’t know either.

What are we teaching children who are in the school system, and in our society today? If Mr. Jackson is the only member of the Rockford School Administration who does not meet the qualification standards set forth then we are telling our children — regardless of color — that rules are not important.

If, however, Mr. Jackson is not alone in failing to meet requirements, and he has been singled out unjustly, then we are all victims of racism and civil rights are still a dream.


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