College as Birth Control

It Could Happen




According to a Chicago Sun-Times report, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley asked for a fifth year of high school and decried the non-stop increases in college tuition. As part of his response, he state that the cost of college tuition would drive the birth rate down.

OK, that sounds pretty reasonable. I’m sure that there have been and will continue to be a group of middle and upper-class folks who consider the rearing costs well in advance of slipping under the sheets. Its a safe bet that, however, that there’s another group who hasn’t given it the first thought.

The worst thing that could happen in this scenario is that the people who could afford college tuition will stop having as many children while those who can’t maintain the population. Fewer kids go to college and tuition goes up to cover the shortfall or colleges shrink. There will be more Americans who aren’t qualified for professional jobs (that require a degree) and poverty will stress the government and despair will grip the country that will lead to a class war between the haves and the have-nots. Eventually, Chinese kids will learn about the fall of the "American Empire" in the same way we learn about the fall of the Roman Empire today.

Alternatively, we could rein in the costs of college, improve the education system at the primary level and work toward a fair an equitable system that provides a sustainable course for the future of America. Also, Santa Claus is real; the Easter bunny lays eggs, and good intentions always make up for poor execution.

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