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Dec 09

Editorial cartoon: A deal you can’t refuse

She used to be Superintendent, now refer to her as "Don".

Change is hard and it’s still too early to decide if Superintendent Sheffield is going to benefit district 205, but you’ve gotta give her props for walking the walk. Anyone, and I mean anyone who is willing to quote Mario Puzo’s The Godfather in an email designed to get people to shut up and fly right is OK in my book. Perhaps it’s time to stop cow towing to fear, fear of change and fear of outsiders and grow a pair. But I have to wonder what’s next: "Say hello to my little friend?"

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Sep 09

Editorial cartoon: Library closure

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Sep 09

Editorial Cartoon: Racism

Racism affects everything that American do, think and feel — it’s time we finally accept it.




Police shhot a young black man in a church daycare. By news accounts, he had already been having trouble that day and had a criminal past. Us white people look at this and say something like "he has a criminal record", black people see it as a racist act by "the man". The problem is: racism is so engrained and systemic in our history that no one see the real truth. It’s all about race. All the time and we fail to accept it at our national peril. 


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