Feb 12

Editorial Cartoon: The government we deserve.

If we get the government we deserve then what, oh what, did we do to deserve this?

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Politics has always been contentious, elections doubly so—that’s the point. What we see in this cycle, however,  is just silly. These guys have already made the opposition’s campaign commercials for them. Take the current name off the spot and slap on a big “O” and nobody’s the wiser. I swear, in another time, somebody in Obama’s employ would have to sit and think long and hard to get “vulture capitalist,” and these guys are givin’ it away for free.

Jun 10

Editorial cartoon: Anti-incumbent re-election kit

With the backlash coming, there’s a new product that will help those poor legislators who are simply pawns in the big game of politics stay afloat “one more time”.

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Sep 09

Editorial cartoon: It’s too late to worry about socialism


Republicans complain that health care reform is an entre into socialism — too bad there have been equally socialistic programs in place for years. It seems that the energy spent on hating the president would better be used trying to understand what a strong America really looks like and then trying to help get us there. 

It seems more and more that republicans are their own worst enemies. 

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Aug 09

Editorial cartoon: Health care reform

If YOU (our elected officials) won’t actually read the bills you vote on then don’t get too upset when we try to hold you accountable.

 editorial cartoon

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Jul 09

Out of the Woods?

The recession may be ending, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


obama mines storm






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