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Dec 12

Editorial Cartoon: Don’t Count Your Chickens. . .

Illinois has 180 days to enact some sort of concealed carry legislation. Given the fact that Illinois has long preferred to protect criminals from law-abiding citizens, there’s no imaginable way that Springfield (read Chicago) will do anything but enact the strictest, most cumbersome law imaginable.

I just hope this cartoon doesn’t give them any ideas.

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Sep 12

Editorial Cartoon: Illinois credit rating

Only California has a better credit rating than Illinois, but California has a better long-term outlook. Yay for us!

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Jul 12

Editorial Cartoon: Sensata Plea To Save Jobs

The folks over at Freeport based Sensata are asking Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney to step in on behalf of workers to keep their jobs in America.

You can’t have it both ways. We can’t complain about a loss of freedom at the hand of government and then go to government and implore them to step in against “evil” business. I don’t like having jobs go to China just because of labor costs, but making profit is not intrinsically a philanthropic enterprise.

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Jul 12

Editorial Cartoon: Hazard Pay for Police

It’s too easy to make this about race and money. It’s really about providing the infrastructure we need.

At first glance, the police union’s request to have hazard pay seems like an endictment of a lawless and uncontrollable West-side. When I first read the reports, I imagined a cop saying “I’d rather be back in Afghanistan than patrolling West State Street”, but it sounds more like “this is where the crime is and I could use some help out here”.

For me, the real question is: Do police catch criminals or keep the peace? They are two different things. If police catch criminals, then it matters less where those police are stationed or how many there are since catching criminals is an ex post facto proposition. On the other hand, keeping the peace requires that police engage their community and act as part of the social infrastructure. Catching criminals allows a smaller bottom line on the city budget, but a higher cost to everyone. Keeping the peace is expensive and labor-intensive, but makes all the difference.


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Jul 12

Editorial Cartoon: Booze Ban on the Kishwaukee River

You can’t go a weekend during the summer without witnessing a modern wagon-train of inner tubes and various flotation devices floating lazily down the beautiful Kishwaukee river–a wagon train fueled by beer and abandon. Apparently, good-natured fun is bad for us and our overlords have stepped in to protect us from all the negative side-effects of pleasure.

I suppose this isn’t the worst thing in the world if they said that alcohol in the parks was a bad influence and so on, but booze is only outlawed at the put-in and take-out access points in the parks. Here are two things I’ve learned about human beings: Never underestimate the lengths people will go to for a good time, and you can always rely on Illinois government (at any level) to provide unending fodder for easy material.

By the way, I’m not actually advocating putting a friend in a catapult. There’s got to be a better alternative to buddy-chunkin’.

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Jul 12

Editorial Cartoon: Landfill Expansion

Expand the Winnebago County Landfill? Why Bother?

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Jun 12

Editorial Cartoon: All Things Progressive

There’s rustling in the political jungle that a progressive income tax is on the horizon. It’s a good way to make sure that those bastard rich people pay their fair share. The main problem with these taxes is that they typically “forget” to index these things to inflation and in a few short year, viola—your taxes go up automatically and you scratch your head at how you “don’t feel rich.”

At least you’re still free to leave the state, assuming you can find a new job, can sell off your house and leave behind whatever life you’ve cultivated.

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Nov 09

Editorial Cartoon: Thomson and the Congressman

Never look a gift "permanently detained without a trial" horse in the mouth. . .



Mr. Manzullo thinks that bringing Gitmo detainees to Illinois is a bad thing — seems like a match made in heaven — After all, this is the state that recently (and during the time that the IOC was debating to allow Chicago to host the Summer Olympics) saw a young man brutally beaten to death by a bunch of red-blooded American kids. I don’t think that even the craziest, most battle-hardened Al Qa’ida member would come to Illinois regardless of the number of virgins he may deflower in the afterlife. Normally, I would support the Congressman as he has been beneficial, but, this time — not so much.


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Oct 09

Editorial cartoon: Machesney park liquor

Doesn’t everybody already sell liquor?




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Oct 09

Editorial Cartoon: It’s not always good to be the king



He may have promised not to cut service during the campaign, but perhaps he’s just looking for a new way to serve his constituents. 


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