June, 2012

Jun 12

Editorial Cartoon: Repeal Obamacare (and wackiness ensues)

A campaign promise to repeal the patient protection and affordable care act sounds a lot like a promise to get a swift kick in the pants come election time. In a world where health care costs always increase and employer provided health insurance is always a one economic downturn away from oblivion, it’s a hard sell to get mom and pop to support such a huge step backward–especially when it comes time to refill the cholesterol/blood pressure/diabetes/ADHD/can’t go to sleep/depression/heartburn/’insert ailment here’ medication at a higher  cost than any other nation in the world (to subsidize lower prices everywhere else).

If the Supreme Court doesn’t invalidate the law, I’ll start printing my “Yes We Can, Again” T-shirts.

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Jun 12

Editorial Cartoon: All Things Progressive

There’s rustling in the political jungle that a progressive income tax is on the horizon. It’s a good way to make sure that those bastard rich people pay their fair share. The main problem with these taxes is that they typically “forget” to index these things to inflation and in a few short year, viola—your taxes go up automatically and you scratch your head at how you “don’t feel rich.”

At least you’re still free to leave the state, assuming you can find a new job, can sell off your house and leave behind whatever life you’ve cultivated.

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Jun 12

Editorial Cartoon: Sodanomics 101

Thank God someone is addressing the issue of obesity by limiting options for both sellers and buyers in a free-ish market. Freedom to use your money and time in a way you choose is way too much responsibility and I hope this is just a baby step toward relieving me of all choice–there’s something really appealing about never needing to make a choice or expose myself to risk of any kind.

Oops, I though it was opposite day.

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