Editorial cartoon: one hell of a year this was.

There’s only one way that 2010 can be worse than 2009 would be if the large hadron collider opens a tear in space/time that causes us all to relive 2009 with a few notable exceptions: instead of President Obama, we’ll have a diabolical genetic combination of  zombie Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush and Miley Cyrus as Commander in chief; Dogs will speak perfect German; Lavonne Sheffield cuts off her right arm rather than step foot in the city of Rockford; The Bears win and; Manatees, having become fed up with humans running over them in motorboats, decide that this no longer a ‘good’ vacation spot and all return to their home planet (where health care for all is guaranteed).

That, or M. Night Shyamalan[adingdong] will make The Happening 2.

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