July, 2009

Jul 09

So you’re telling me what?

The scars of racism opened wide, again.



If you have to break into your house and someone sees it (who hopefully does not know you) and they call the cops. When the police knock on the door and ask you to prove that it is your house, please say "thank you". Sure there’s a racial issue here, but first and foremost, when you break into your own home (forcible entry), you shouldn’t be too upset to have the police known on your door.

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Jul 09

Sketchbook: Socialized healthcare

What can 70’s sci-fi tell us about the future?



 This unfinished cartoon is a play on the 70’s sci-fi classic starring Michael York and Jenny Agguter. The basic premise is that everyone gets to live a life free of worries where food and sex are freely available, plastic surgery is state of the art and the only thing you can’t do is grow old. When you turn 30 you must attend carousel and be "renewed". Of course, the people think that the renewed are re-born, but we learn that they are really just killed. Sure, other countries have socialized medicine and it isn’t the worst thing imaginable. Just remember, slavery existed long before the birth of America and we found a way to make it worse than in any other time in history. War existed long before America and we gave birth to the Atomic Bomb. America takes everything to the extreme — I have two predictions for our American future: Blood sports on television and "coerced" euthanasia. If every new reality show has to be something newer and edgier than the last, then blood sports are coming. Under a government managed healthcare system the value of a person is the cost of their care compared to the average — If your disease costs too much then we will find a way to avoid the cost. Never forget, governments deal in numbers, averages and cost/benefit analyses. 

"Soylent green is made of people!" Different movie, but same sentiment. 

 I’m not bashing the President or his ideas. I begrudgingly agree that some of his ideas are downright revolutionary (in a good way), but (and this is a big one) we Americans tend to be a little short-tempered and have a bit of an attention deficit. Perhaps in a few decades when China is the dominant economy in the world and we have some breathing room we can slow down and do things right. For now — status quo.


Jul 09

Out of the Woods?

The recession may be ending, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


obama mines storm






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Jul 09


That’s a mighty big hammer you got there.


editorial cartoon stimulus


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Jul 09

Doubleshot: Librarians versus the Hockey players

The pen is mightier than the sword but less so than the hockey stick.


editorial cartoon library and metro centre

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Jul 09

You sank my Grandson’s battleship

Who will pay the bills?




Two stimulus packages (Bush did one too), national health care, budget deficits: Who will pay the bills? Probably nobody. Fear not though, it was a good run.

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Jul 09

It seems like forever (on many levels)

So the Metro Centre needs more money. It must be _________ (insert year here)


Metro Centre Cartoon

It just seems like the same issues come up over and over again. First the stimulus for big business and now the Metro Centre needs money to stay afloat. Perhaps, and this is just a hypothetical: if it isn’t making money, maybe it should be closed — just a thought. Maybe there’s somebody out there who could manage it in such a way that it could make money. 

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