December, 2008

Dec 08

Another cartoon about Israel and Hamas

At some point, this has got to end. Right?


So here we are again. Hamas shoots rockets into Israel, Israel retaliates. Next month, Hamas shoots rockets into Israel, Israel retaliates. Now that we apparently have a kindler, gentler world, There are folks out there — namely the UN — who think that Israel is using "disproportionate" force to retaliate.

I might be wrong, since I live in fly-over country, but when engaged in a war, shouldn’t you use all the force you have? Let me reiterate: If you are being attacked by an enemy, isn’t it a good thing to win?

In my own humble, but flawed opinion, isn’t it time to stop crying about fairness and started kicking some ass? It would be a lot easier to jump on the "don’t be mean" bandwagon if those Hamas folks were a regular army with all the identifying marks that go along with it. But, come on. They use suicide bombers and blow up lots and lots of Israeli citizens and property.

Perhaps. And I’m just thinking out loud. Maybe we should shut up and let two kids duke it out. 

OK, so maybe Israel took land from the Palestinians and haven’t always been nice. I just look at America after some bad guys blew up a couple buildings on out home soil. We immediately began stripping rights and freedoms from milions of Americans and re-classified non-Americans as suspects of one type or another. We treat many people from Middle-Eastern countries the exact same way that Israel trats the Palistinians, but somehow, that’s OK. The people of Israel are under almost daily threats from one group or another. They live a real threat that we can only dream about.

Disproportionate force?





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