Smoking Ban 1.0

Everybody is trying to establish a smoking ban in public places.

In the greater Rockford area, at least 5 municipalities are considering a public smoking ban. Apparently, the Surgeon General has published a report that second-hand smoke is just as dangerous as "first-hand" smoke and lives (billions and billions of lives) will be saved by preventing smoking in public places.

The anti-smoking crowd will cite this report as gospel and push forward. The pro-smoking groups, which include smokers, and business owners who rely on smokers for income (bar and restaraunt owners), will cry foul and say that their freedom is being trampled.

As a former smoker (hard-core 2 pack a day smoker), I would like for cigarettes to disappear from the face of the Earth. Addiction to tobacco is hard to break and the desire never quite goes away.  It’s easy to say "get rid of it", and to place all kinds or restrictions on it, and to "sin-tax" it and on and on. Tobacco is, however, a legal substance in America.

After listening to both sides in the argument, I am left with two questions: When did business lose the right to engage in legal activities in their operations? When did America stop being the land of the free and become the land of the fearful?

Smoking Ban 1

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