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December 22, 2009

Editorial cartoon: A pregnant pause at Iwo Jima

The iconic photo of the flag raising at Iwo Jima might look a little different if half of the platoon was on sick call waiting to see the OB/GYN.


I was under the impression that enlisting in the military pretty much made you the 24/7 property of Uncle Sam. Plus, I think, probably, that being pregnant would have a negative impact on one's ability to be an effective warrior. Of course, the National Organization of Women thinks this is a slight to tell women not to get pregnant while deployed -- Just one more way that blind adherence to dogma leads to blatant stupidity. 


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Editorial cartoon: one hell of a year this was.

There's only one way that 2010 can be worse than 2009 would be if the large hadron collider opens a tear in space/time that causes us all to relive 2009 with a few notable exceptions: instead of President Obama, we'll have a diabolical genetic combination of  zombie Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush and Miley Cyrus as Commander in chief; Dogs will speak perfect German; Lavonne Sheffield cuts off her right arm rather than step foot in the city of Rockford; The Bears win and; Manatees, having become fed up with humans running over them in motorboats, decide that this no longer a 'good' vacation spot and all return to their home planet (where health care for all is guaranteed).

That, or M. Night Shyamalan[adingdong] will make The Happening 2.

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December 17, 2009

Editorial cartoon: Reducing our carbon footprint

Would you believe that there are leading climate advocates (some of whom speak for the United Nations) who say that the best way to stop climate change is to simply reduce the population - quickly.


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December 12, 2009

Editorial Cartoon: School violence

Bullet proof vests and automatic handguns -- recess ain't what it used to be.

Extra bonus points for anyone who knows what's wrong with the Auburn logo.

If you're a fan of economics or statistics, I recommend the books Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics. They look at some interesting realities in the world around us and come to some intriguing conclusions. Anyway, they make a somewhat startling realization that there have been fewer military deaths in these years of war [against terror] than in typical peace-time years. I'm concerned that we have a generation of high school kids that might actually be safer in a war zone than in a school zone. Perhaps body armor should be on the official uniform list.

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Cartoon: School violence

Macaroni art using found items.

Too bad the idea won't translate well into the smaller format. 

December 09, 2009

Editorial cartoon: A deal you can't refuse

She used to be Superintendent, now refer to her as "Don".

Change is hard and it's still too early to decide if Superintendent Sheffield is going to benefit district 205, but you've gotta give her props for walking the walk. Anyone, and I mean anyone who is willing to quote Mario Puzo's The Godfather in an email designed to get people to shut up and fly right is OK in my book. Perhaps it's time to stop cow towing to fear, fear of change and fear of outsiders and grow a pair. But I have to wonder what's next: "Say hello to my little friend?"

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December 06, 2009

Science cartoons: Two for the LHC

Whether it's aliens attempting to stop the LHC with errant baguettes or the threat of a man-made black hole, one thing is certain: science is cool.


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December 04, 2009

Editorial cartoon: Global warming skeptics

When science becomes dogmatic, we're all in trouble.

Leaked emails from the side that says "we're killing the earth and we must stop now. . ." that offer to 'encourage' skeptics to come over to their side through blackballing and keeping their papers out of journals and such have sparked an interesting debate: When scientists abandon rigor for dogma and "do as we say or else," science becomes just another religion. That's a bad way to go.

Most of us don't claim to have a deep understanding of science but tend to accept reputable scientists because they use substantive data, rigorous methods and aim for reproducibility. Their theories and conclusions are reviewed by their peers and good science tends to rise above the bad. Science should be democratic.

If, however, we learn that some scientists believe that their conclusions are so important that they should not be reviewed freely, then they marginalize their influence and damage the credibility of themselves and their peers.

It doesn't really matter if global warming is real or imaginary; a man-made disaster or natural cycle. What matters is that those who perform experiments, create and test hypotheses, and reach reasoned conclusions do so in the full light of day --Without manipulation or ulterior motives. 

Shame on them.


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